DriPADs are a new proprietary absorption system designed to solidify potentially infectious liquids such as blood, urine, birthing and other biofluids. With DriPADs, First Responders are isolating and sequestering biofluids in the field. Hospitals depend on them in L&D, the ER, OR and ICU, to reduce cross-contamination, and to reduce costs. Blood banks and labs are using them to protect against spills or leakage during shipping. Surgeons love DriPADs as bleed-through barriers after abdominal surgery, and at home, DriPADs are the best available bed pads for bedwetting or adult incontinence, and even for pets.

About DriPad Technology
DriPADs absorb and trap more fluid, more effectively than any pad on the market, and have an anti-microbial inside to control bacteria and odors.

When You Want the Best to Manage the Mess, Reach for the Purple Pad Its the DriPAD.
Now with an EPA Registered Silver-Ion Antimicrobial Agent added to control the bacteria and odors within the PAD!!